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T-SAFE panels range are available in different thicknesses of TENEXIUM and provided with a decorative coating on one or both sides. All our panels are certified against ballistic protection standards: EN1522 – NIJ 0108.

The applications are numerous: partitions, doors, ceilings, etc.

The panels are easy to fix using double-sided adhesive tape or specially designed glue. Moreover, TENEXIUM is a flame retardant and does not emit toxic fumes during combustion, so it can be used to secure all areas, even confined ones.

T-SAFE panels are supplied in 1220 x 2440 format, and we also offer laser cutting. Please contact us for more information!

Colors :


NIJ0108.01ThicknessMass per unit areaAmmunition
Niveau 2A6.5 mm8 kg/m²357 Magnum JSP à 381 m/s,
9 mm FMJ à 332 m/s
Niveau 3A9.3 mm12 kg/m²44 Magnum JSP à 426 m/s,
9 mm FMJ à 426 m/s

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The mechanical capabilities of TENEXIUM allow it to be used for personal protection. In particular, in stand-alone insert we meet the NIJ0108 standards for levels IIA, II and IIIA.


T-SHIELD are made of the TENEXIUM composite material, which combines performance, weight control, durability and at an affordable price.